Staff pick up for Spring Skin Care

This is Jyoti, Sylvia Park Manager, who has been working with us for 9 years. Her favorite is Environ at the moment. So, she chose 2 products to recommend us for spring skin care 🙂

Hi i’m jyoti!

I want to share some of my skin care routines.

My skin is Dry to Oily, kind of mixture of all. So, I use these products to combat the congestion and also giving my skin hydration.

Today, I’m Introducing 2 of my favorite products and how I look after my skin well during this lockdown.

1. Environ Hydrating oil caps

I use this twice a day, morning and evening. The vitamin riched oil makes my skin feel so soft and doesn’t feel dry. I use this After cleans and tone onto face, and massage until absorbed followed by Environ moisturiser. Try this if you want to improve your skin texture!

2. Environ Pre-cleansing oil

I am religiously using this amazing product every day in the evening . I find my skin is less congested with less breakouts. I just love this because it’s just easy to use! Massage a small amount of Pre-cleansing oil onto your face and neck for 3-5 mins, then rinse off. (I apply Hydrating Clay Mask on top of Pre-cleansing oil to exfoliate the dead skin cells a few times a week.)That’s all to get to remove make up and skin’s excess oil . I highly recommend this if you have combination skin like me.