With Autumn upon us, it’s the perfect time to restore the skin again. Like most of us, you have enjoyed your kiwi summer holiday with hats on and layers of sunscreen. However, the UV elements still manage to cause havoc on your skin causing sun spots, dehydration, increased fine lines and dryness. Now is the time for skin-damage control to minimize long-term effects ….. BOOK NOW to discuss a tailor-made post-summer program with your Skin Therapist.

The best recommendations for your post-summer skincare program:

Cleansing: Choose a gentle cleanser without stripping effects, we highly recommend cleansing lotions or oils, to restore hydration again. Our favourite picks for the season are …..
Filmed Cleansing Oil and Environ Youth Cleansing lotion

Exfoliate: After summer the skin appears dull, flaky and dry. Exfoliating 1-2 times a week is the best solution to bring back the glow. Our favourite picks for the season are …..
Environ Revival Mask and Joyce Blok Alpha-beta Concentrate

Hydrate: A well hydrated skin is the key to reduce fine lines and maintain a youthful complexion, this can be achieved through the use of serums containing Hyaluronic Acid to beautifully plump and hydrate internal skin layers. Our Favourite picks for the season are…..
Filmed HAB5 Serum and Joyce Blok Super Serum

Repair: To repair the skin from post damaging effects from the sun, we highly recommend restorative and repairing actives, such as Vitamin A, C , E and B5. Our favourite picks for the season are…..
Joyce Block Vitamin E Serum and Aromatherapy Associates Fine Line Face Oil

Protect: Moisturiser and sunscreen is a must all year round, to beautifully nourish and protect external layers of our skin from the harmful effects of the Sun. Sunscreen is the no.1 Age prevention skincare product. Our favourite pick for the season are…
Environ RAD Shield Mineral Spf15 and Filmed E-Youth Spf50

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