Facial Club $399

Welcome to Cinderella Facial Club!

With our exclusive Facial Club membership, you can enjoy a radiant and glowing complexion without straining your budget. For just $399, you’ll gain access to a wide range of benefits, including complimentary Cinderella Signature Facials. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to embark on a transformative skincare journey.

Why should you choose the Cinderella Facial Club? Let us give you some compelling reasons.

1. Instant savings – First and foremost, you’ll experience instant savings. In your first month as a member, you’ll receive FREE Cinderella Signature Facials, allowing you to save up to $596 right off the bat. That’s quite a deal!

2. Sustained Benefits – From the second month on wards, you’ll only need to pay 75% of the facial fee for every facial you book. The remaining 25% will be automatically deducted from your club balance, making it incredibly convenient and flexible for you.

3. Flexible & Personalized – But that’s not all, the Cinderella Facial Club also offers flexibility. Whether that’s weekly or monthly, enjoy the flexibility of using your club balance for treatments throughout the year, allowing you to customize your skincare routine to fit your needs.

4. Complimentary Skin Analysis Plus, with each visit, take advantage of a complimentary skin analysis to ensure your facial treatments are optimized for your skin.

5.Spread the love and earn rewards – By sharing about us on social media then receive a FREE Cinderella Signature Facial, valued at $149!

Good skin doesn’t happen in one facial treatment or only by home care products. You need a consistent, customised and professional approach. Cinderella Facial Club is a perfect introduction if you are looking for an easy, affordable and best facials to achieve your skin goals. Book an appointment and join then the Cinderella Facial Club today!Ts&Cs apply.

So why wait? Join the Cinderella Facial Club today and unlock a world of luxurious!

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